Plan for better digital signage

Take the time to plan your Digital Signage Project and it will come back to you in spades

Everday I see poorly thought out and implemented digital signage attempts. These are not necessarily restricted to the small sites but also extend to some very large organisations that should have the resources to know better.

Here at Active Ads we advise that you should work backwards. Sounds strange but works

Think of who your customer is. Is you customer a particular demographic and does it change by the hour or day of the week? What do they like to consume?

What are they interested in? This is not necessarily what type of products or services you have available. If you want them to look at the screen more than once perhaps break you “message” with other content. News, Weather, Quick tips, Latest recipes, anything your customer considers to be of value. This encourages engagement and whilst they are viewing the screen your “message” will also be better consumed

How long do they have to see your message (most important)? Is it just a few seconds or minutes through to perhaps hours. If it is only a few seconds you are really interrupting them during their daily business. Make it short simple and straight to the point. Many times I see a lot of advertising that is trying to be so creative it looses the message and I’m left wondering what was that all about. Or worse still who was that advertising….what a waste.

If you have more time be more engaging with longer pieces of information perhaps going into more depth.

What is that message that you are trying to convey? What is your end goal? Is it to get more people into your business from the passers by in the street or is it prospective customers in your business already? Or are you trying to convey a message to staff? These are all very different messages with different goals in mind. Part of this strategy should be continual testing.

It is very easy to test a message if it is set up correctly with a good piece of digital signage software. The beauty of the new digital advertising age is the ability to test and re-test, and gather real feedback. No more blast a message out and hope for the best as in print, Radio and TV.

If it doesn’t seem to be working change it until it does! Digital Signage gives you the medium to be able to make that change quick and easily.

Where is the best location to capture their interest? Consider where people look… stand back and watch. I once saw an installation in a large supermarket chain where the screens were located some 2.6m above the customers’ heads over the Deli counter. Who ever thought this was a good idea should have been told in no uncertain terms!! (worse still they were showing a TV corporate branding message telling people how good their company is. Sorry but you’re already preaching to the converted …. they are already in your store!!)

Lastly take the time to get professional graphics done. Even if this is in a template form so that you have the ability to update the actual content with new information. PowerPoint and clip art are poor substitutes that simply reflect poorly on your business.