Digital Menu Boards

One of the biggest challenges for many organisations with digital signage menu boards is they need to be managed and updated  by staff that are no-technical. This is where simplicity is a primary key.

But you dont want to give up too much when deciding on a system.

It should be able to updated remotely from a computer. No needing to climb up and swap USB keys or memory cards!

Be able to accept if your display is portrait or landscape rather than trying to adapt your content to figure out if it will display properly.

Our menu board software (or notice board software) can be quickly deployed with minimal training required

In 3 easy steps you can create a digital menu boards or notice boards

  1. Pick you template in either portrait or landscape and add you text and images
  2. schedule the content if you need to (only show on Tuesday)
  3. save & send to the player controlling the screen

It is that easy and quick.

Once you have saved your template you can edit it at any time

Easily matched with a variety of commercial displays from NEC, Samsung, or LG

If you want something that is simple and reliable then the correct commercial LCD with the right signage player to show your message in 720p or super high resolution 1080p is all that is required.

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